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Senior Life Review in Louisville, KY

The goal of a senior life review is to actively and intentionally make a review of your life for the acceptance of your own and only life cycle and the people who have become significant in it. Life reflection will help you to reminiscence about your life!!!

It is a means of reflection about what really happened in your life. Once you begin to recall about your choices, it may bring forth emotions as you may be facing reality for the first time. Mistakes often surface - but when processed with a professional, you often will gain a new understanding about yourself and others. Sometimes unresolved conflicts come to the surface with new meanings.

This process may be kept private or stories may be shared with family members and then passed on to future generations.

The interesting feature is that mysteries may come to the surface and let you know how you came to be the person you are now, also how the persons you met during your lifetime affected your life’s journey. Among these persons may be your children, family, persons you disliked, and even your enemies. We are based in Lousville, KY.

Senior Life Review

Together we may explore where you lived, your marriage, how your children were reared, places that you visited on vacations, moves you made to new locations, the health concerns of loved ones, and your own health history.

You will revisit what made you happy or what and who touched your life. There may be movies, songs, and TV shows that enhanced you emotionally or remind you of a situation in your life. Along with events, you may recall your favorite pets and about how they touched your life.

Some of the benefits derived:

• resolve old conflicts
• coping with aging
• facilitate the process of grieving and growth
• evaluate your life, legacy, and achievements etc.

• how to remain independent
• how to make independent decisions or is it time to become more independent
• how to express and process loss

You will be able to answer the question:   What kind of life is possible in the future?????

Results: This may help you reconsider painful events and memories, help you to adjust to current circumstances, and find meaning and hope in your current life.  You will:

• have self-satisfaction and a sense of completion
• connect with your heritage

• learn where you came from and the persons involved
• understand the person you have become.

The developmental stages may or may not be sequential. The stages that may be covered are: 

• Birth
• Childhood
• Adolescent Years
• Family
• Adulthood etc.

Environment is comforting, accepting, caring, encouraging and confidential.  

Do not hesitate to call today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation appointment.
Call NOW - (606) 618-9969 (EST).  This program is intended to be short term, 6-8 weeks, conducted by phone, and is both affordable and convenient. I am excited to be the professional coach who shares your life experience. This is an experience you will never regret.

Virginia J.  Monti   Professional Coach