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Have you ever stared at yourself in a mirror and started to cry?

The caregivers challenges of this undertaking are usually not addressed or are generally unknown or ignored since there is a sudden shift in the caregiver's life. The recipient, the person receiving the care, is typically unaware that a need exists.

The challenges can turn into trauma, particularly if the care is given to a family member since there is a shift in the relationship. Some of the emotions that may occur are:

• Anger
• Guilt
• Resentment
• Loneliness

You may question yourself about your choices. Your responsibilities, aside from the caregiving, may even include those that were once shared.

Have you made a list of the new demands on your life?

One experience that I am aware of is that of a couple considering divorce:

When the root cause of the discord was uncovered, they realized that when the mother moved in with them, it created havoc and a crisis in their home. They became aware that she was suffering from advanced Alzheimer disease. They received coaching and realized that this type of situation impacts many families in similar ways.


Many carry this heavy load and do not realize they are being affected

Caregiver Action Network

This program targets a therapeutic process that will assist you to:

• Address Your Thoughts and Feelings
• Understand That There are Many Caregivers Who Suffer in These Ways
• Know That Relief is Possible

If you are a caregiver for those who are not related, the situation is similar because of the demands and the unforeseen requirements of your position.

This program will move you in a positive direction and help you to reap the rewards as you feel Renewed and energized. You will adopt a positive outlook since you will achieve:

• Tools for an improved lifestyle
• Help to Become Unstuck and Have Future Goals

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