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Addiction Recovery-Relapse Prevention in Louisville, KY

Note! Brain studies have proven that the pleasure center does not differentiate. You are hooked because of a pathological relationship to intoxication, not on your drug of choice.  This is one of the most important factors that leads to relapse.

A highly trained Addiction Recovery-Relapse Prevention Professional with the expertise and understanding of what is needed can play an essential role in your recovery. As your recovery coach and partner, I am willing to impart my experience for you to have the life that you want in recovery. We are based in Louisville, KY.

For the Self-Inflicted and/or Co-Dependent

Aside from your addiction, some of the areas that we may focus on together are: failed relationships, your personal goals, stress reduction, and anxiety that accompanies addiction; this will not only improve your life now, but you will also acquire lasting skills for the future.

Usually there have been areas of your life that have caused you to be more vulnerable, so the tools that you acquire will help you to focus on your future and stay on track for a positive outcome. We will help you to overcome your obstacles during this transition. 

There is a difference between trying to do this on your own and hiring a partner who is exprienced and will be your support person; your friends and family may no longer be available when various stressful situations occurs. Relapse is a process that happens gradually, so having a partner with expertise toward your success is crucial.

Take action now to make changes in your life.

Each step that you overcome gives you the confidence to continue to develop the tools for a lifestyle that will bring rewards. This will require making adjustments in your ways of thinking; as you follow certain steps outlined in the action plan, the solutions become clearer. You will begin to feel confident that you have choices and feel better by knowing that some choices with improved behaviors produce increased beneficial results. As this pattern produces desired results, you will desire to repeat the steps taken for a successful outcome. Your quest for successful outcomes will increase and so does your happiness.

It may sound simplistic—but in time you will learn that you do have control over your life. With the help of your coach, you will learn: 

• There Are Healthier Choices

For more information, check out SAMHSA's website by Clicking Here

Healthier Choices

With a change in thinking and behaviors, you will experience positive results.  There is greater happiness when humans experience the kind of joy that results from knowing how to live.  You will develop a personal formula for changes in your lifestyle that brings fulfillment.

My satisfaction comes from working alongside those who are stuck. 

These valuable services will be conducted by phone.  Call Toll Free (606) 618-9969, between the hours of 9:00am - 8:00 pm (7 days a week) EST to receive your free 30 minute consultation with Virginia J. Monti, Addiction Recovery-Relapse Prevention Professional.