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Trauma Recovery Programs in Louisville, KY

 Directions 2000 Programs have proven to give positive results by helping you identify:
•Personal Resources
•Areas of Support
•Thinking And Behaviors that create positive results

These programs are tailored to give You a fresh new perspective on life.

Senior Life review

Caregivers Relief And Recovery

Take care of yourself with Caregivers Relief And Recovery Program. Caregivers  provide hours of care for someone whose condition has deteriorated.  As a caregiver, you may not even be aware of how you have been affected personally. This program will help you step back and reassess your life.  You will be able to create a balance that will enable you to provide needed care and yet maintain a personal life. The demands of your work will not prevent you from taking quality time for yourself. The transition can be difficult but with our understanding and experience along with your personal potential, the outcome will be life changing.

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Sexual Harassment

Whether it be at the workplace or in a person relationship, you can become a victim. Even if it is a voluntary or an unwelcome dating relationship, abuse can occur. If you have been placed in an uncomfortable position, you may become a victim of sexual harassment. 

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Addiction Recovery-Relapse Prevention
(For the Self-Inflicted and/or Co-Dependent)

Our Addiction Recovery-Relapse Prevention Program is especially effective when you are at the stage of recovery where you need to implement lifestyle changes. The program includes setting goals, participating in activities, and learning new coping skills to reduce your chances of a relapse. You can change the vision of life you've built while addicted, and give yourself a new purpose in life. We have the credentials and the years of experience working in the field of Addiction Recovery-Relapse Prevention. 
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What is Your Life Purpose?

Many fumble through life feeling unfulfilled. What is missing? You may fill your days with a long to do list yet your daily routine lacks real meaning. For your life path to be truly rewarding, it is important to focus on what makes you feel happier. This will occur automatically when you know your reason for living. This is a mission or missions with personal meaning. These will be specific pursuits that are related to your values. Your professional coach partner will help you to unlock what gives you the most satisfaction and then encourage you to go forward with your goals for fulfillment.

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Life Coaching

Senior Life Review

This program is beneficial if you have lost a loved one, retired from your career, or are at the end of your life. It helps seniors to reminisce about and reflect on their life. Along the way you can resolve old conflicts, decide how to live the rest of your life, and cope with your dependence or independence. You will also evaluate your life's legacy and achievements; some mysteries could even come to the surface. It will help you adjust to new circumstances, reconsider painful memories, and connect with your heritage, while covering all developmental stages of your life.

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