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"I was on a downward spiral, and Virginia was the professional who utilized her skills, insight, and vast experience to inspire and motivate me. For anyone who has come to the crossroads in your business or personal life and not functioning at your potential, Virginia has the capabilities to help you produce an outcome that will satisfy your objectives. Virginia will help you to create new directions you never thought possible."
- Brian L., Service Manager

"During my long career, I had the pleasure of working with Virginia Monti, who was contracted and completed several projects for our Library. She has the unique ability to assess the problem and offer suggestions for improvement to remedy the situation quickly. I was then able to initiate these beneficial changes for the employees. Her expert leadership coaching has a lasting effect on my life."
- James P., Former Library Director

"The executive staff at our physical therapy centers approached Virginia Monti to develop a sexual harassment training program for our employees. We were looking for a product that would be important for both new employee orientation and for future staff training.

She coordinated and tailored the presentation materials for small groups so that particular concerns of all staff members were addressed. Her approach was both professional and practical; therefore, she enhanced both the understanding and implementation of the information. Because of the design of her program and her intuitive ability, she was able to perform the training in a manner that did not adversely impact scheduling patients and the billing function.

Throughout my entire association with Virginia Monti, she demonstrated organization, competence, intelligence and professionalism. She accomplished our objectives and completed the project in a timely manner. The most important outcome is that our company now has a product that is not just a single training, but we now have a program that can be utilized for staff education and training that will be ongoing.

As an owner and Officer on the Board of Directors, I highly recommend Virginia Monti to any organization that requires a person who can develop solutions and at the same time, build cooperation within organizations."

- Deloris B., Vice President of Business Operations.

"I moved from procrastination and indecision to an attainable reality. I was able to reach my career professional goals; Virginia was the catalyst and support person who helped me to clarify my future vision. I am now on the way to achieving my dreams." 
- David L., Field Engineer

"Virginia helped me to re-evaluate my priorities. I was able to better visualize my strengths and put concrete plans into action. I designed a more effective personal life, set boundaries, and was encouraged to explore the leader within me." 
- Sheri S., CEO

"The benefit of having Virginia as a coach can be compared to taking a graduate level college course, except that with Virginia, you have the expertise of several professors rolled into one. She has a deep reservoir of knowledge, experience, and discipline to draw from. In less than four months, Virginia was able to help me refocus, gain confidence, and find new direction. I unconditionally give Virginia Monti my highest recommendation. Any individual or organization seeking professional help in taking their career or corporate performance to the next level would be wise to seek her assistance." 
- Neil S., Pastor