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Caregivers Relief and Recovery

One client called about family and relationship issues that became serious enough to consider divorce.  It was after a careful history that the root cause of the family discord was uncovered.  We learned that one of the couples had lost both parents with illnesses that emotionally and directly involved the family in negative ways.  After investigating the family crisis, they realized that this type of situation impacts many families in similar ways and were relieved to better understand the impact on their lives; they were relieved to find the solution that brought them and the entire family closer together and saved their marriage.   

This also reminds me of another experience about a mother who died from ALS; the family member realized that she would have benefited greatly if she had someone to discuss her ongoing confused feelings.  These involved love, sadness, regret, guilt, etc. due to the demands on her life and time. Years later, she talked with a professional about her grief along with anger. The positive outcome gave her closure as she better understood these feelings and was able to recover and gain caregivers relief. 

Have you ever stared at yourself at a mirror and started to cry?

These new experiences target a therapeutic process that will assist you to:

• Address Your Thoughts and Feelings
• Understand That There Are Many Caregivers Who Suffer in These Ways
• Know That Relief Is Possible

Why is this important?

Many carry this heavy load and do not realize how they have been neglected.

The result will move you forward in a positive direction as you feel renewed and energized with a positive outlook to reap the rewards of your job as a caregiver.

This program is convenient and affordable as it provides you with phone appointments at scheduled times.  After discussion about your history as a caregiver, either within or outside of the family, you will discover ways to accomplish both successfully.  It is important to uncover the components that create distress and then to move you forward to that place in your life:

• with tools for an improved lifestyle
• with a focus to help you get unstuck

• with a positive direction to achieve future goals

Since these services will be conducted by phone.  Do not delay. You will receive a free 30 minute consultation to answer your questions.

I am eager and look forward with anticipation to hear from you; do not hesitate to reach me.
Take your life in a better direction.

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