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Directions 2000 Addiction Recovery Programs in Louisville, KY

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Move your Life in a new Direction through Programs that produce Life Style changes.

Addiction Recovery

At Directions 2000 we offer 5 Professional Programs:

• Care Givers Relief And Recovery
Sexual Harassment
•  Addiction Recovery-Relapse Prevention
  (For the Self-Inflicted & Co-Dependent)
• What is Your Life Purpose?
• Senior Life Review

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We bring years of experience to each of these situations:
Together we:
• Identify your unique circumstances
• Help you to set goals
• Develop action steps for a successful outcome

Within the scope of these programs, you will learn ways to cope, and given tools designed for your difficult issues. 
Select the program that best addresses your needs.

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About  Directions 2000

Find a rewarding new direction for your life with the life coaching from Directions 2000. Our phone coaching programs include Caregivers Relief And Recovery, Sexual Harassment, Addiction Recovery Coaching and Senior Life Review. Owner Virginia Monti's wisdom is based on over 30 years of practice. We have the education, extensive experience, and knowledge about these situations to transform your life for the better. Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results by providing greater focus and awareness through the use of action plans that target your goals. These programs are structured to help you move forward with your life, they are short-term, affordable, and convenient. Once the program is completed if additional services are requested, we are willing to structure the cost at a discounted fee. Contact Directions 2000 today. Call (606) 618-9969. 

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Mission Statement

Our programs are designed for positive results.

Caregiver Coaching "Virginia J. Monti (Transition Coach) is the owner of Directions 2000 of Ashland, Kentucky, who was selected as one of "The World's Greatest Business Mentors." She is described as an innovative expert whose skills, experience, and record of success qualify her as an unsurpassed resource and mentor of others. She has also been distinguished for her leadership in her profession as a business coach and consultant. Virginia graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in New York, N.Y. and California State University in Northridge, California. She is also a licensed psychotherapist."
- The Herald Dispatch Nov. 15, 2003.

Relapse Prevention, Louisville, KY

Directions 2000 offers relapse prevention services. If you need assistance with your  recovery contact us for support.

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